How we recruit study participants

We have very specific requirements for our study participants. We do not typically make a general call for participants but rather we recruit cancer patients to our studies through cancer institutes, such as the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, with the aid of physicians and oncologists.

We conduct two types of studies. Here's how we recruit for them:

Exercise Intervention Studies

  • Recruitment will take place during treatment consultation with the patient's medical doctor
  • Potential participants will be screened by clinic nurses and the project coordinator for eligibility criteria
  • The medical doctor will further determine if a patient is eligible for a study and if so, will introduce the trial to the patient and verify initial interest
  • The patient will be approached after the consultation by the project coordinator who will discuss the study in further detail, answering any questions the patient may have
  • The coordinator will also explain the expectations and implications of participation in the study

Survey Studies

  • Potential participants will be contacted by the Alberta Cancer Registry- Alberta Health Services-Cancer Care to protect privacy and confidentiality