Current Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows

 Jennifer Crawford  Jennifer Crawford, BAKin (honours), MSc.
PhD student
I am currently a PhD student in the Behavioural Medicine Lab within the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation. My current research interests focus on: 1) whether participation in physical activity may facilitate post traumatic growth in cancer survivors, and 2) what factors may predict post traumatic growth and depreciation. I received both my BAKin (hons.) and MSc from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. I also work as a physical activity consultant for Dr. Courneya's Colon Health and Life-Long Exercise (CHALLENGE) trial. I am an avid downhill skier and enjoy traveling.  
 Scott Adams

Scott Adams, BSc. (Clinical Exercise Physiology), MSc. (Exercise Science), CSEP-CEP
PhD Student

I am a PhD student in the Behavioural Medicine Laboratory within the faculty of Physical Education and Recreation. My general research interests involve how exercise may prevent systemic deconditioning/complications associated with various anti-cancer therapies. More specifically, I am interested in studying the impact of aerobic exercise on controlling acute and long term cardiovascular risks and complications. My MSc. work (Concordia University, Montreal) investigated the impact of cancer and chemotherapy on autonomic nervous system function and cardiovascular reactivity in young adults with cancer. While in Montreal, I worked for 5 years as an Exercise Physiologist and Young Adult Program Coordinator for Hope & Cope and the McGill Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Program at the Jewish General Hospital.


 James Vallerand
James Vallerand, BHSc, MA, CSEP-CPT, PhD Student

I received my BHSc (hons.) in Health Sciences and my M.A. in Human Kinetics (Sport & Exercise Psychology) from the University of Ottawa. Both my honours undergraduate and master’s theses were concerned with examining the determinants of sport and exercise program adherence. Keeping with this line of inquiry, my current research program focuses on determining how we can help hematologic cancer survivors improve their own health through regular exercise, with a special focus on reducing the intention-behavior gap. I also work as a physical activity consultant (PAC) on Dr. Courneya’s Colon Health and Life-Long Exercise (CHALLENGE) trial. In my personal life, I am an overly passionate sport and music enthusiast, and an active volunteer within the cancer survivor community.

 Andria Moriellie

Andria Morielli,BSc, MSc, CSEP-CEP, PhD Student

I am a PhD student in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation, Behavioral Medicine Laboratory. I received a BSc from Concordia University (Montreal) with a specialization in Clinical Exercise Physiology in May 2011. After 2 years of work as an exercise physiologist for the Jewish General Hospital’s Hope & Cope Wellness Centre, I came to the University of Alberta to complete my MSc (September 2015) under the supervision of Dr. Courneya. My current research focus is on clinical exercise interventions in rectal cancer patients receiving neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy. I am interested in the effects of exercise on outcomes including physical fitness, physical functioning, symptom management, quality of life, treatment toxicity, treatment completion, treatment response and post-surgical recovery in this patient population. 

 Derek Kang Dong-Woo (Derek) Kang, MSc., PhD Student


I am currently a PhD student in the Behavioural Medicine Lab within the faculty of Physical Education and Recreation at the University of Alberta. I received my BSc (hons.) and MSc in Exercise Medicine and Rehabilitation from Yonsei University in Korea. I also worked at Yonsei Cancer Center and International St. Mary’s Hospital as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, responsible for prescribing individual exercise programs to cancer patients. 

My research interests are how exercise can improve short-/long-term prognosis in cancer patients and how physical activity/inactivity relate to cancer patients’ health, particularly from the physiological perspective. My master’s thesis was to examine the effects of exercise on insulin and cancer-related biomarkers in breast cancer survivors.

I am from Seoul, South Korea, and 2015 is my first year in Canada. I’ve found Edmonton is a beautiful city and I appreciate the kindness and open-mindedness of the people here. I was a competitive TaeKwonDo athlete, a Korean traditional martial art, and in my leisure time, I enjoy playing any type of sport, especially soccer in the summer, and curling and snowboarding in the winter.